As we age so do our eyes...and this may result in vision loss. In fact, the majority of people who develop low vision or become legally blind are over 65. Adapting to changes in eyesight can be difficult and may lead to fear, frustration, and feelings of isolation and helplessness. Sometimes well intentioned friends and family members may even contribute to these negative feelings.

We at the National Federation of the Blind of Virginia Seniors Division believe vision loss need not restrict your life. Our experience is that with the correct training and encouragement, seniors with vision loss can, and do, continue to enjoy full and independent lives.

The Senior Division offers support, information, advocacy and encouragement to blind and visually impaired seniors and their families.

Local chapters across the state hold meetings where active, involved blind mentors offer emotional support and discussion of shared experiences.

Home visits, support groups and classes in adaptive techniques are offered through the NFB affiliated training centers in Colorado, Minnesota, and Louisiana.

Advocacy for seniors who experience discrimination based on blindness is provided.

A statewide meeting of the Senior Division takes place annually at the NFBV State Convention held in the Fall.

Silver BELLS

The National Federation of the Blind of Virginia (NFBV) proudly announces the launch of its Silver BELLS program to help blind seniors achieve new heights of independence. The program will offer thorough and individualized lessons and activities, emphasizing national expertise and local community building. With a blend of qualified staff, accessible lessons, interactive activities, and proven goal setting, the NFBV team is confident in its ability to deliver exceptional programming to blind seniors and their families. Learn more.

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