Project RISE

Project RISE (Resilience, Independence, Self-Advocacy, Employment) is a transition program that provides blind and low vision students ages 14 to 21 throughout the state of Virginia with the skills necessary to become competitively employed. We combine the knowledge of successful blind professionals, the positive philosophy of the National Federation of the Blind, and a strong curriculum that includes life skills, travel tips, and workplace readiness training, to give blind students the confidence they need to be successful.

Are you 13 years old or younger? No problem! Check out the GUIDE program for details about a program that will be better suited for you until you can join us!


Blind and low vision students ages 14-21 throughout the state of Virginia interact with and form lasting relationships with young, successful blind professionals who have overcome many of the obstacles placed before them and now are eager to teach their younger peers how to conquer life.


We hold monthly sessions in a combination between virtual, day-long, and weekend-long programming where students can develop skills such as travel, home management, and technology through interactive and hands on workshops and community activities.


Through mentorship and a positive environment, students learn how to communicate effectively with teachers and employers to ensure they receive the tools they need to succeed in school and the work place.


Students share their educational and career goals and Project RISE helps them reach those goals through resume and interview workshops, job readiness skills training, and internship or volunteer placement.

For Further Information

Don't hesitate to reach out to Joe Orozco, Program Coordinator at 703-495-3273 or via email at