NFBV 2024 Richmond Seminar Important Dates

Please join us for our Richmond Seminar to ensure our voice is heard in the Virginia General Assembly.

Dates to Remember

Dates of Richmond Seminar are Monday January 15 (Martin Luther King Jr Day) and Tuesday January 16. Attend the board meeting on January 15 to hear about our legislative priorities. Meet with General Assembly members on the morning of January 16.
Let Bonnie O’Day know that you are attending by December 15, 2023. Reach her at or 703 965-2501. Bonnie will benefit from your home address so we can look up your legislators. Also let your chapter president know, as they will be arranging transportation.
Make your reservation at the Richmond Delta Hotel by Thursday January 4. You can make them on line at

or by calling 804 788-0900

Please ask for the NFB rate.

Details below.

Whether you have attended many Richmond Seminars, or this will be your first one, we strongly encourage you to attend and participate in representative democracy in action. We are planning for an exclusively in-person Richmond Seminar.

Monday, January 15, Martin Luther King Day. We will hold an important NFBV Board Meeting to discuss legislative issues and get organized. On Tuesday, January 16, we will meet with our Senators and Delegates.

How it Works:
Please attend the NFBV Board Meeting on Monday to learn about the issues. Plan to stay overnight at the Delta Marriott Richmond on Monday night and enjoy an evening of conviviality with your NFBV family. You will be assigned a team to meet with legislators on Tuesday, sharing our issues and answering the questions of legislators and their staff. The affiliate will reimburse transportation and hotel expenses. The National Federation of the Blind of Virginia can reimburse these expenses through the generosity of the many donors to the Charlie Brown Memorial Fund. We are grateful for these contributions which honor Charlie’s commitment to ensuring we all have a voice in advocacy for the rights of blind people in Virginia.

Where it All Happens:
Our board meeting is scheduled for 1:00 PM Monday afternoon, January 15. We are still making final arrangements for a meeting place and we will let you know when we have finalized them. On Monday night, we will stay at the Delta Hotel by Marriott, 555 East Canal Street, Richmond, VA 23219.

On Tuesday morning, we will be going to the offices of the General Assembly in the new General Assembly Building, 201 North Ninth Street. Our meetings are typically between 8:00 AM and 11:30 AM. Your team will likely have 10 appointments during this brief time window. Your team leader will facilitate the process, but everyone will play a role on the team. By Noon, we are gathering back up to return home. It is quick, exciting, and the legislators and their staff are happy we came to speak with them.

The Issues:
The issues we will bring to Richmond are still under consideration but will most likely include:

Improving the accessibility of technology used by K-12 students, college students, state employees, and users of Virginia government resources,
Accessible prescription medication labeling
Additional funding for the Department for the Blind and Vision Impaired Rehabilitation Program
Other issues as they arise.

We will present the final list of issues and fact sheets at the board meeting on Monday, January 15.

What You Need to Do:
We have bills being drafted that will need co-sponsors. Chapter Presidents should contact their General Assembly members in their local offices before the end of the year. All Chapter members are encouraged to participate in these meetings. A meeting with our elected legislators in their home districts will go a long way in establishing the recognition that is needed for our visit to Richmond. If you need assistance identifying your delegate, need help in setting up a meeting, or do secure a meeting and need additional information about our issues, please contact Bonnie O'Day (my contact information is below.).

Let me, Bonnie O’Day, know you will be attending the Richmond Seminar by December 15. We are asking you to reply early this year. Many of you have different delegates and senators due to redistricting, and it will take additional time to put together the teams. Also copy your chapter president, as chapter presidents will arrange cost effective transportation for their chapter members. Individuals are expected to share hotel rooms and must obtain hotel reservations themselves at the NFB of Virginia rate. We reimburse based on having two people share a room, so we ask you to plan for a roommate. If you need assistance finding a roommate, please call/text Domonique Lawless: (615) 904-4225, no later than Saturday, December 30 to allow matches to make their reservation by the hotel deadline of January 4. You can also email Domonique but please put Richmond Seminar Roommate request in the subject line and email her at:

You may choose to reserve a room by yourself, but as has always been the case, the affiliate will reimburse only 50% of the room reservation.

Please make your own reservation on-line at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Richmond Downtown at:

You may make your reservations at any time, but they must be made by January 4. If you have problems making reservations or have any other issues with the hotel, please contact our Operations Coordinator, Joe Orozco via email at A form requesting reimbursement for transportation and your hotel stay is attached to this email, or can be downloaded from the affiliate site: at the bottom of the page.

Finally, if you are interested in being a team leader, please reach out to Bonnie O'Day directly and provide your full name, city or county of residence, email address, and phone number. If you have any questions, please contact Bonnie O'Day at 703 965-2501 or email her at

I look forward to seeing you in Richmond!

Bonnie O’Day

NFB of Virginia Richmond Seminar Legislative Director

703 965-2501

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