CLI Homework

Please check back here for the most up-to-date homework assignments.

Chapter Pulse Check

Deadline: February 1

At our December meeting we discussed the nuts and bolts associated with getting, and keeping, members involved. Part of the objective is to ensure everyone looks forward to chapter meetings and activities. To that end, please ask people what they enjoy about belonging to your chapter and areas where they can see improvement.

For the complete notes for December’s meeting, please check the private CLI list or contact the coordinators for another copy.

Contacting Mailing Lists

Deadline: Ongoing

Please use the information from the White Cane list and related mailing lists to identify people who fall under your chapter’s area of responsibility. The information is disseminated via the private CLI list. Your first priority is to make personal contact, not to recruit. Remember the personal information is to remain confidential and should not ever be used for other than the goal outlined here. Anyone found to abuse this rule will be dismissed from the program.