2020 NFBV State Convention


Welcome to the registration page for the 2020 NFBV State Convention. Because we have moved to a virtual format, there is no mandatory registration fee this year; however, donations are welcomed. You will have the opportunity to make a tax deductible donation after submitting the registration form below. Your donation will go toward supporting one of our programs benefiting blind children and youth or state and federal advocacy efforts.

Pre-registration Deadline: Sunday, October 18 at 11:59 PM.

The October 18 deadline is only for pre-registration. Registering in advance of this deadline gets you added to a drawing for $100. It also makes you eligible to be added to our voting list. See this year’s Principles for Engagement. You may still register after October 18 to be included in our door prize drawings. The registration form will be removed Sunday, October 25.

In order to vote at the convention, you will need to indicate whether you have paid dues to one of the NFBV local chapters or divisions for 2020. Validation will occur after your registration has been received. Instructions on how to vote will be provided via email in advance of the convention. By submitting this registration form, you understand the phone number you provide will be used for the voting system.

You do not have to be a dues paying member of the NFBV in order to be entered into our door prize drawings.

If you require close captioning services, please notify us by October 18. Requests after this date will not be honored.

If you encounter any technical difficulties in submitting this form, please email Sandy Halverson at sjh300@outlook.com.

Registration Form

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Please list your primary phone number where you can be reached. Type your phone number as a 10-digit number without any spaces or dashes (ex. 9876543120).
This phone number will be used for voting privileges at the convention if you have paid your membership dues for 2020. Phone number used for phone based voting. Please note: We recommend using a phone number that can send and receive text messages to simplify voting. Alternatively, if you don’t use text messages, it should be a number where you can do speed dialing to simplify calling in to cast your vote. Type your phone number as a 10-digit number without any spaces or dashes (ex. 9876543120).
Closed captioning services must be requested in advance.